Applebees Logo

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Applebees LogoThe first Applebees logo, which appeared in 1980, featured the company’s original name, T.J. Applebee’s Rx for Edibles and Elixirs. By 1986, it was replaced by a more appealing design sporting the red apple that has been the logotype’s visual center ever since.

Meaning and History logo

Applebees logo history

In 2007, the logotype was extensively overhauled. A new typeface was introduced, while the apple was modified and moved to the right. The new color scheme looked by far brighter than the previous one, especially the red outline, which created an eye-catching contrast with the leaf.
This version of the logo looked very close to that of the Apple company. One could notice similarities not only in the shapes and the position of the leaf and the apple, but even in the typeface. However, the two companies seem to have had no legal issues on the topic.

“Speaking” symbol

Applebees Symbol
Instead of a spokesperson, Applebee’s used to have a spokesapple. The chain’s mascot, nicknamed the Applebee’s Apple, appeared in its numerous commercials explaining the benefits of the restaurants and repeating the slogans. The person who voiced the Apple in 2007 was the American actress and writer Wanda Sykes. In 2012, the advertising campaign was narrated by Jason Sudeikis.

Current emblem

Applebees Emblem
Instead of the “jazzed up” Applebee’s logo, a simpler, more discreet one was introduced in 2014. At first glance, it looked very much like its predecessor: the same font, the same apple with a leaf above the wordmark, the same proportions. Yet, due to the shift in the color scheme the effect was totally different.


Font Applebees Logo
The font looks playful and appealing. It features a distinctive “A” with an elongated right end.


How is the current color combination different from the previous one? Gone is the bright, almost neon red outline, because of which the apple looked so vivid and joyous. The leaf went red, like the apple, so the number of colors in the palette was reduced. Also, the text “Applebee’s” was recolored from green to dark grey, almost black.