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Tillamook operates as a dairy co-op owned by farmers, crafting cheeses, yogurts, ice cream, and more. Primarily active in the U.S., its commitment to quality resonates in the market. It upholds a legacy of over a century, driven by its cooperative ownership structure.

Meaning and history

Tillamook Logo history

Tillamook began as a farmer-owned dairy cooperative in 1909 in Oregon, with a commitment to high-quality cheese production. Despite its growth, ownership hasn’t shifted; it remains with the farmer members. The cooperative expanded its dairy line, venturing into ice cream, yogurt, and butter, emphasizing sustainable practices and non-GMO ingredients. Production advancements paralleled market expansions, positioning Tillamook as a significant player in the U.S. dairy industry, while maintaining its core values of quality and community. Tillamook continues to innovate, now offering a variety of dairy products nationwide, upholding a century-old tradition of farmer-led quality.

1909 – 2019

Tillamook Logo 1909

The logo showcased here features an intricate emblem composed of a central circular seal. Within this seal, an elegant, detailed illustration of a ship with full sails navigating the waves stands out, a representation of journey and tradition. Encircling the ship are the words “Tillamook County Creamery Assn.” in a bold, serif font that harks back to the company’s historical roots. The phrase “Farmer Owned” proudly sits at the top of the seal, emphasizing the cooperative nature of the brand, with the establishment year “Since 1909” anchoring the bottom, highlighting the legacy and longstanding tradition of quality.

Below the emblem, the word “Tillamook” is prominently displayed in large, serif letters with shadowed outlines, creating a striking contrast that makes the name immediately recognizable. The color palette of navy blue and gold enhances the logo’s classic appeal, suggesting a standard of excellence and a commitment to artisanal quality. The overall design resonates with a sense of community, heritage, and craftsmanship associated with the brand’s products.

2019 – Today

Tillamook Logo

This emblem presents a stylized depiction of a classic seafaring ship, its sails unfurled and billowing, suggesting a journey of exploration and quality. The ship is poised above an arrow, indicating forward motion and progression. Beneath the maritime symbol, “Tillamook” is inscribed in a flowing, bold script with distinctive serifs, conveying a sense of heritage and time-honored tradition. The entire logo is rendered in a regal, deep purple hue, imparting a feel of premium quality and a nod to the company’s roots in the dairy industry. The logo exudes a blend of nostalgia and commitment to excellence.