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Skillet Logo

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Skillet is the name of an American Christian-rock band, which was formed in 1996 by John and Korey Cooper and Ken Steorts by the merger of two bands, Seraph, and Urgent Cry.

Meaning and history

Skillet Logo history

All the band members agreed they need an ironic name for their group, so the Skillet was chosen. It is a remarkable and humorous name, which sounds and looks good in typography.Skillet Logo

The Skillet logo is a unique and strong wordmark, executed in a font similar to Batman Forever, with distinct and confident lines and sharp angles.

The center of the logo is a double letter ”L”. The two letters make an arrow pattern when the upper one replaces the lower bar of the ”E”.

Skillet Logo

It is a powerful logotype, which looks strong and masculine on its own and on album covers with additional graphics.

The color palette of the Skillet visual identity varies from dark, almost black, gray to bright green on a black background, which makes it eye-catching and remarkable. Green is a color of energy, and this is what rock music is about.