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Selena Gomez is the name of the American pop-icon, who was born in Texas in 1992 and became famous at the beginning of the 2000s after her participation in several tv-shows on the Disney Channel. By today Selena Gomez has released six albums and participated in several significant charity events across the globe.

Meaning and history

Selena Gomez Logo history

The visual identity of one of today’s most recognizable singers has always been based on the nameplate in a solid color with nothing else. Minimalism, confidence, and fashion, these three parameters is what unites all the version of Selena Gomez logos ever created.

2009 — 2010

Selena Gomez Logo-2009

The very first logo of the young icon was introduced in 2009 and featured a stencil inscription, where two parts of the wordmark in all capitals were placed one under another and boasted a light gray gradient, which made them vivid and remarkable.

2010 — 2011

Selena Gomez Logo-2010

The redesign of 2010 brought a scarlet-red color to the singer’s palette. The composition was still the same — “Selena” on top, “Gomez” under it, both parts in capitals of a modern sans-serif typeface. The unique thing about the inscription was in the absence of the horizontal bar in the letter “A” and the “M”, composed of two figures, resembling mountain-peaks.

2011 — 2012

Selena Gomez Logo-2011

The logo from 2011 looks like a neon banner and is executed in a new purple color palette, which evokes a sense of mystery, creativity, and wisdom. The lettering was set in one line and it’s capital letters were executed in a rounded sans-serif typeface. The narrow letters were placed very close to each other, so some of them were even overlapping.

2013 — 2014

Selena Gomez Logo-2013

In 2013 the singer introduces a new version of the logo — white inscription placed inside a black horizontally stretched rectangle. The narrowed letters, executed in a clean and distinct sans-serif look strict and professional, showing the new side of Selena Gomez to the world.

2014 — 2015

Selena Gomez Logo-2014

The pink tender and girly logo were created in 2014. The nameplate was set in two levels again, and the new stencil typeface looked playful and sweet. The fuchsia shade of pink added style and made the logo more recognizable.

2015 — 2019

Selena Gomez Logo-2015

Selena starts using a monochrome palette for her logos in 2015. The first version was created in 2015 and boasted a very simple black inscription in sans-serif places on a white background with a lot of space between the letters. It looked simple, but reflected a timeless style and elegance, elevating the singer’s visual identity to heights.

2019 — 2021

Selena Gomez Logo

The logo from the “Lose You to Love Me” album, released in 2019 boasts the bold black logotype, set in one line. This is the first time when Selena Gomes uses an inscription in a serif typeface, and it doesn’t look boring or old-fashioned, on the contrary, it reflects sophistication, fashion, and power.

2021 — Today

Selena Gomez logo
The 2021 name style uses taller, thinner sans-serif letters. Moreover, the characters here are put close together and joined in many places