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The Sith are adherents of the dark side of the Force who play the role of opponents of the established regime in the fictional Star Wars universe; most Sith is the direct opposite of the Jedi. The name comes from a humanoid race from the planet Korriban, once enslaved by the Dark Jedi.

Meaning and history

Sith Logo history

Originally the Sith did not have their order. It was an innovation of the renegade Jedi. The Jedi discovered this race and became interested in their teachings on the Force. Some writings on the Dark Side of the Force were taken from the planet. The order was formed when the teachings of the Sith began to be practiced by the Dark Jedi. It came to the creation of the Sith Empire. Then the Dark Lords fought each other until only one remained, Darth Bane, who came up with the code mentioned by Fenrir: there can only be two Sith in the Order: a teacher and an apprentice.

It’s a well-known thesis, voiced by Master Yoda back in the first episode of the saga: “And, as always, there are two of them. No more and no less. A teacher and a student.”

The general point is simple enough: while the Jedi Order has many knights, apprentices, and masters, and their ranks are constantly growing, the Sith Order has only two representatives at a time: a teacher and a student.

Why is this so? The philosophy of this rule is based on the fact that the purpose of the Sith Order’s existence as such is development through the generations. The teacher trains the apprentice, who grows stronger. At some point, the student reaches a certain power and believes he is capable of overthrowing the teacher (through the latter’s lethality) and becoming a teacher himself. Then one of two things happens:

  • The student wins. So he has surpassed the teacher, made the order stronger, then he takes an apprentice and the cycle repeats itself.
  • The teacher wins. So, if the student was not strong enough, he would not make the order stronger, you need to look for a new student.

Having two students at once is also a path to degradation: by joining together they could defeat the teacher, but alone they are weaker than the teacher, and the subsequent inevitable struggle between students for power will eventually reveal this fact.

It all starts with Darth Plaguez, who was killed by his apprentice, Palpatine, who already had an apprentice in mind – Darth Maul.

Darth Maul didn’t last long as a Sith and was killed by Obi-Wan.

After Maul’s death, Sidious began his search for a new apprentice and found one in the renegade Jedi Count Dooku, who was severely affected by the death of his former apprentice, Qui-Gon Jinn.

After Dooku’s death at the end of the Clone Wars, Palpatine already knew who his next apprentice would be – young Skywalker, who had already fallen under the influence of his chancellor friend long ago. Very little time had passed since Dooku’s death, and Anakin had already sworn allegiance to his new master and adopted the name, Darth Vader. Twenty-five years later, Luke was able to curb his anger and refused to kill his father and go over to the dark side. Seeing Luke’s unwavering confidence, Palpatine decided to kill him, but Darth Vader prevented this by destroying his teacher. Thus Vader destroyed the foundation of the Sith Order: no more teachers or apprentices.

What is Sith?
The Sith are fictional characters from the Star Wars universe, adepts of the Dark Side of the Force. The Sith are the irreconcilable enemies of the Jedi. Most Sith was once Jedi themselves until the Dark Side of the Force took them over. The main weapon of the Sith is a lightsaber, but unlike Jedi swords, which are most often blue, green, or yellow, their blades are most often red.

In terms of visual identity, the Sith order has one radical change — after the defeat. The first version was sharp and dramatic as if it was challenging everyone to fight, while the post-defeat crest became more stable and strict.


Sith Logo old

The first Sith logo was set in a dark-red and white color palette, with solid geometric elements separated by a medium-thick white ring in the center. The abstract composition was formed by a solid red roundel enclosed into a frame with four segments, directed into four different sides. Each segment was composed of three triangular peaks, where the middle one was longer than the two on the sides. Overall, the emblem looked like a stylized sun, a star, or a flame.


Sith Logo

In the new flag, the Sith order used a six-spoked version of the Bendu symbol. The Bendu symbol was a circle connected by eight spokes, which symbolized the unification of the Galaxy by Force. it is set in black and white and features a medium-thick distinctive outline, which elevated the flag and makes it look brutal and powerful in its geometry.

Font and color

Sith Emblem

The logo of the Sith order has no lettering in it, hence there is no typeface to describe. As for the color palette, it is based on the traditional yet powerful combination of black and white, which is a representation of power, excellence, and masculinity.

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