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Hello Kitty is the name of one of the most famous Japanese cartoon character, which was designed in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu. Today the successful brand is a property of Sanrio, a large Japanese corporation, which produced various items under the Hello Kitty label.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the Hello Kitty brand, which can be seen everywhere across the globe, is definitely one of the most recognizable logos in history. The emblem, composed of a drawing, designed in 1974, is something every girl in any corner of the world knows.

The Hello Kitty logo is a kawaii-style image of a cat with two dots-eyes, a yellow nose, black bold whiskers, and a red bow on its right ear. This picture is the main and most famous logo of the brand, which can be accompanied by a wordmark whether in a script cursive, written in black, red or fuchsia pink, or in a custom sans-serif typeface with curly tails of the letters.

Hello Kitty Logo

The Hello Kitty black white and red color palette allows placing it on any background, but the most commonly used shade is, of course, girly-pink.

Sometimes we can see the whole Kitty, in her blue dress and red or yellow t-shirt, but the portrait version is an official one.

The Hello Kitty logo is something timeless and legendary, as it is not just a brand and its visual identity, but a lifestyle and philosophy, which has millions of fans all over the globe.