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Hello Kitty is the name of one of the most famous Japanese cartoon characters, which was designed in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu. Today the successful brand is a property of Sanrio, a large Japanese corporation, which produced various items under the Hello Kitty label.

Meaning and history

Hello Kitty like any character has its creator, as well as a history, the beginning of which was the distant 1960. It was then that it became known about the appearance of the company “Sanrio” in Japan. Shintaro Tsuji, who became its founder, decided to make people happy after a long and hard war. “A small gift – a big smile” was the motto of the newborn company.

Hello Kitty is a popular character created in 1974 by Sanrio. Kitty is a white kitten living in a seemingly perfect world. Kind, friendly, and incredibly cute, inspiring people with the phrase, “Hello Kitty says: Be yourself!”

Hello Kitty was created by Japanese designer Shimizu Yuko in 1974. In the beginning, Hello Kitty did not have a name. In 1975, the cute kitty finally got a name – Hello Kitty. The very first item on which Hello Kitty appeared was a small purse.

Two years after its creation, the white kitty Kitty was trademarked. Demand for Hello Kitty began to grow dramatically.

This character has a very unconventional look: a large head on a small body, protruding ears, a button nose, and beady eyes. And even though Kitty doesn’t have a mouth, it doesn’t stop her from drawing, sculpting, embroidering, and so on.

In part, Kitty is also popular because almost anyone can draw her because she consists of simple lines.

What is Hello Kitty?
Hello Kitty is the name of a Japanese character that is famous worldwide and has become a cultural phenomenon. It is a popular image that represents a white kitty with a large head, small ears and eyes, no mouth, and a red bow on her head. The character was created by Sanrio in 1974, and the eponymous brand was registered in 1976.

In terms of visual identity, Hello Kitty is one of the world’s most recognizable brands. The logo of the character has always been based on its face, drawn in thick black lines over a white background, and was usually accompanied by bright dresses of Kitty and tender girly lettering.

The 1970s – Today

Hello Kitty Logo

The visual identity of the Hello Kitty brand, which can be seen everywhere across the globe, is definitely one of the most recognizable logos in history. The emblem, composed of a drawing, designed in 1974, is something every girl in any corner of the world knows.

The Hello Kitty logo is a kawaii-style image of a cat with two dots-eyes, a yellow nose, black bold whiskers, and a red bow on its right ear. This picture is the main and most famous logo of the brand, which can be accompanied by a wordmark whether in a script cursive, written in black, red, or fuchsia pink, or in a custom sans-serif typeface with curly tails of the letters.

The Hello Kitty logo is something timeless and legendary, as it is not just a brand and its visual identity, but a lifestyle and philosophy, which has millions of fans all over the globe.

Font and color

The lettering on the official Hello Kitty logo is set in the custom Janda Happy Day typeface by Kimberly Geswein, which looks pretty close to such commercial fonts as TT Milks Script Bold, or Avaline Script Sketch, with some visible modifications and a bit of expanded characters.

The Hello Kitty black white and red color palette allows placing it on any background, but the most commonly used shade is, of course, girly pink. Sometimes we can see the whole Kitty, in her blue dress and red or yellow t-shirt, but the portrait version is an official one.

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