Ellesse Logo

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Ellesse Logo
Ellesse is a British sport apparel brand. It has Italian origins but has belonged to the British Pentland Group since 1987.

Meaning and history


The brand was established by Leonardo “Mantis” Servadio in Umbria, Italy. The name “Ellesse” comes from the founder’s initials, “L” and “S.”
The original Ellesse logo combined the founder’s initials. The emblem looked pretty clean and had a retro touch. Over time, the name of the founder disappeared from either side leaving only the writing “elle” and “esse.”


The redesign was carried out to make the logo easier to reproduce on the garments. This version featured the word “Ellesse” in an elegant sans where the width of the strokes varied greatly. In the earlier version, the word was mostly gray, while the founder’s initials, “l” and “s,” were highlighted with the red color. You could also come across versions where all the letters were of the same color or where the writing was italicized.


This is when the iconic “semi-palla” logo was introduced. The word “semi-palla” means “half-ball.” The design featured a stylized section of a tennis ball and the tips of a pair of skis. The emblem represented the combination of the brand’s iconic sports: originally, Ellesse was a ski brand, while products for tennis players were added in the 1970s.
The design is still used for the Heritage collections.


Ellesse Logo

The design grew somewhat cleaner because the blue trim was removed from the “semi-palla.” The dark blue color of the wordmark was replaced by gray. The type was slightly updated, too.
The Elesse logo currently seen on the official website is more like the heritage version with the dark blue trim and writing.