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SilverStone Technology Co., Ltd is a Taiwanese manufacturer of personal computer items: cases, power supply units and other peripherals. The firm was established in 2003 by several IT engineers, former employees of another Taiwan company engaged in the production of the same range of products, Cooler Master Co., Ltd. Today, apart from the computer cases and power supply equipment, the company supplies to the word market cooling fans, and central processing unit heat sinks. In addition to PC products, SilverStone offers its customers a wide range of home entertainment items.

The logo and its meaning

The SilverStone logo has been developed at the outset of the company’s history. It consists of an emblem and the brand name “SilverStone” next to it. The emblem is made as a hexagon, in which the image of a snowflake is inserted. The snowflake was chosen for the company’s logo because computer cooling systems were the main part of the company’s product range during its formation on the market.
The emblem is made in a light tone of the arctic blue colour. The snowflake is made in silver grey colour making a hint to the name of the brand. As to the wordmark, it is written in block letters with elegant graphics most close to the commercial font New Baskerville Bold Italic. The colour of the wordmark is also silver grey. There is also another version with a black background rectangle and the name of the brand written in white.

SilverStone logo
For the customers of SilverStone, the company’s logo is associated with the pride that its takes in ensuring the highest standards of design and production of PC enclosures, power units and accessories, as well as a constant search for the best technologies to better suit end-users’ needs and requirements.

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