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TomTom is a Dutch brand which specializes in development and production of location and navigation technology and consumer electronics. The company was founded in 1991 in Amsterdam and released its first device in 2004.

Meaning and history

TomTom Logo history

The TomTom logo is bright and memorable. It consists of a wordmark and an emblem. The wordmark is bold and balanced, reflecting the company’s vision of the modern moving world.

1991 – 2007

TomTom Logo 1991
The original logo, created for TomTom in 1991 was composed of bold black lettering in the lowercase placed on the left from the bright yet laconic emblem. The rounded sans-serif inscription perfectly balanced two red handprints of the TomTom icon, which was set slightly above the wordmark’s right on a white background. All the lines of the logo were smooth and thick, looking very friendly and soft.

2007 – Today

TomTom logo

The emblem is a transparent globe with two red TomTom hands on it. The emblem shows that the brand is friendly and helpful. TomTom is a global company, aiming to  create technology that customers can trust, that is the main meaning of the logo symbol.

The creative icon is balanced with a classic color palette of the logo. Black for the typeface and bright red for the hands, while the globe is executed in almost transparent gray.

Emblem TomTom

The TomTom logo represents the brand as the leading specialist in its segment and celebrates the company’s motto “TomTom Technology for a moving world”.