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SIG Sauer is a German company, specialized in designing and producing fire weapons. It was established in 1976 through the merger of two companies and today is considered to be one of the most reliable firearms manufacturers.

Meaning and history

Being a serious and reliable company, SIG Sauer features a strict yet powerful visual identity concept. Its logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left. The emblem is often used on its own, as it is a great and minimalist representation of the company’s character.

All the capital letters of the SIG Sauer inscription are executed in a bold italicized sans-serif typeface, which is simple and laconic. The “Never Settle” tagline, placed under the nameplate uses the same font, but in its light version, with thin lines.

SIG Sauer logo

The emblem, which is also the brand’s icon and signifier, is composed of a plain white circle with a thick black outline and the “SIG” lettering inside.

The inscription repeats the contour of the frame with its sidebars arched. The sharp angles of the letters make it look strong and modern, with unique individuality and character.

The SIG Sauer logo is laconic yet brave and brutal. It shows the essence of the brand and evokes a sense of authority and reliability.

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