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Muni Gang stands out as a distinctive golf brand that champions a refreshed and laid-back golfing culture. Established by Hank Makes, this brand has carved a niche for itself in the golf product market. While the exact operational specifics of the company remain undisclosed, the brand’s individuality remains unquestioned.

Meaning and history

Hank Makes, the visionary behind Muni Gang, has positioned the brand as a pioneering force in the world of golf consumer goods. Not only has the company made remarkable progress in terms of branding, but it has also succeeded in crafting a unique blend of visual and linguistic branding elements. The precise current standing of Muni Gang might be ambiguous, but its unmistakable identity persists.

What is Muni Gang?
Recognized for its distinctive visual and linguistic flair, Muni Gang is a golf brand that embodies a refreshed and casual golf vibe. Founded by the innovative Hank Makes, the brand continually emphasizes and elevates a contemporary, relaxed approach to the game of golf.

2023 – Today

Muni Gang Logo

The “MUNI GANG” logo exudes a raw, edgy vibe, underscored by its bold, chunky typography. The black, uppercase letters are defined by their solid, no-frills design, giving them a weighty presence. Adjacently, an eye-catching emblem of a skull rests within a muted teal circle, presenting a stark contrast to its surroundings. The skull, with its hollow eyes and three perforations, carries an air of mystique and intrigue. This amalgamation of the textual element with the emblematic representation crafts a logo that is both assertive and enigmatic, making a compelling visual statement.