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Shindaiwa is one of the brands owned and distributed by the Yamabiko Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of power tools. Yamabiko appeared in the fall of 2008 as a result of the merger of the Kioritz and Shindaiwa corporations.

Meaning and history

The A105 electric chain saw, which was named one of the top-selling tools in the DIY market in 1973, featured an older version of the Shindaiwa logo. Here, the first letter was capitalized, while all the other characters were lowercase. The wordmark was red. The type was also very different from the current one – the letters consisted of the strokes of varying widths.

However, the E305AV, which was Shindaiwa’s first engine chain saw (introduced in 1977), already featured a logo where all the glyphs were lowercase and looked more like those in the current logo.

Shindaiwa Logo

Current emblem

The Shindaiwa logo is basically just the name of the brand in lowercase letters. The wordmark features an utterly minimalist sans. The glyphs look pretty traditional – you will hardly notice anything unusual about their proportions apart from the fact that they are a tiny bit higher than average.

And yet, the design has a unique touch. The most distinctive features are the red dots above the “i’s,” as well as the letters “i” and “w” forming a single glyph.