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Sesame Street is the name of the tv show for kids, which was first launched at the end of the 1960s. Being colorful and educational, the program has instantly become popular all over America and started spreading across the globe. By today there are almost five thousand episodes of Sesame Street created.

Meaning and history

Sesame Street Logo history

Once designed, in 1969, the visual identity of the famous kids’ tv-show has never been changed, only slightly modified throughout the years. Its bright green and yellow emblem is known and loved by children and their parents all over the globe.

As everything in Sesame Street, its logo is kind, colorful, and very friendly. Composed of a traditional address-plate framing and simple lettering, it doesn’t look boring at all.

The address plate is drawn in grass-green and features a double, green and yellow, outline, while the sans-serif lettering is written in white, adding a sense of professionalism and care.

Sesame Street Logo

The green and the yellow color palette is a reflection of life and growth, as is just a perfect choice for an educational program, created for the youngest ones and dedicated to opening the world and new knowledge for them.

Throughout the years the address plate gained a very thin and delicate black outline, which makes the whole image more professional and confident, and also allows placing it on various backgrounds and patterns.

As for the inscription, it is executed in a strict and simple sans-serif typeface, which features slightly narrowed letters with clean lines and distinct cuts.