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Afterlife is a renowned black comedy-drama television series created by Ricky Gervais. Owned by the British network, Netflix, it’s primarily set in the fictional town of Tambury, where it dives deep into the life of a man coping with loss.

Meaning and history

Founded by Ricky Gervais, “Afterlife” premiered in 2019 as a British black comedy-drama television series. Over its span, the show garnered acclaim for its heartfelt take on grief, depression, and redemption. Major accolades highlighted its unique blend of humor and poignant storytelling. By 2022, “Afterlife” had solidified its position on Netflix as a viewer favorite, leaving a lasting imprint on contemporary television.

What is Afterlife?
“Afterlife” is a British TV-show created by Ricky Gervais. It’s a comedy-drama focusing on themes of grief and redemption, aired on Netflix.

2019 – now

Afterlife Logo

Presented in muted, sophisticated tones, the “AfterLife” logo exudes an air of serene contemplation. The word “After” is rendered in a delicate off-white hue, seamlessly transitioning into the word “Life,” which adopts a deeper, contrasting teal shade. The typography is clean, minimalist, and modern, with each letter boasting a sense of airy spaciousness. Set against a tranquil sky-blue background, the design evokes thoughts of calm introspection, a space between moments. The subtle gradient shift from the ethereal to the tangible offers a meditative exploration of life, its continuity, and the mysteries that lie just beyond perception.