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Servpro is an American company, specialized in restoration and fire/water cleanup. The business was established in 1967 and is a very successful franchiser in the USA and Canada.

Meaning and history

logo Servpro

Servpro is a company, which helps in maintaining houses. So it’s visual identity is a perfect reflection of the firm’s profile and field. The Servpro logo is composed of a bright emblem with a wordmark on it.

The emblem boasts a house roof-shape in orange color, which resembles a comfortable and warm home. Its simple geometry and lack of details make the logo friendly and recognizable.

The white wordmark in all capital letters is executed in a sans-serif font with condensed lines. The light gray gradient shade complements the inscription’s white, in order to create a three-dimensional effect.

symbol Servpro

The Servpro logo is traditional and simple, yet it makes the company’s name stand out and evokes a sense of reliability and loyalty, which are the most important characteristics for the company’s business segment.

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