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New Holland is an American agricultural company, which specializes in the production of utility vehicles and agri-machinery. The company was established in 1895 and today is one of the world’s leaders in its segment, aging its subsidiaries across the globe.

Meaning and history

New Holland Logo history

What is New Holland?
New Holland is the name of an international agricultural machinery manufacturer, which was established at the end of the 19th century in America and today headquarters in Europe, distributing its vehicles all over the globe and having a perfect reputation.

1895 – 2008

New Holland Logo-1895

The first logo for New Holland was introduced in 1895, with the creation of the company. It was a strong and fine badge in the blue and white color palette, composed of an enlarged emblem, depicting a stylized leaf, which also had a slight resemblance with a tree, and a wordmark, placed under it. The inscription was set in the uppercase of a narrowed yet bold sans-serif typeface.

2008 – Today

New Holland Logo

The New Holland logo is modern and instantly recognizable across the globe. It represents the company’s nature and industrial segment in the best way possible.

The New Holland logo is composed of a rectangle with rounded angles, comprising a wordmark and an emblem on its left. The rectangle is horizontally divided into two parts, with the upper and bigger one in yellow and the smaller bottom part in blue.

The New Holland wordmark in all the capital letters is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface. It is colored blue and placed on a white part of the background. The stylized tree emblem features the same color as the nameplate and is placed near it, on the left.

The New Holland Tree is a blue rounded square that is divided into six parts by the white trunk and four branches. It looks modern, calm and elegant. Fully symmetric, the tree is a symbol of balance and harmony.

The “Agriculture” tagline is placed on a blue part of the rectangle and colored white. The fine lines of its sans-serif don’t add lightness and purity to the logo, accenting on the company’s profile.