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Natuzzi is a furniture brand founded in 1959 in Puglia, Italy by Pasquale Natuzzi. A small workshop has grown to a large company that now designs, produced and exports sofas, armchairs and living room accessories worldwide.

Meaning and history

Natuzzi Logo

The Natuzzi logo reflects the brand’s biggest value – it’s consumer. With a highlighted “U” in its wordmark, Natuzzi is sending a personal message to its client (you).

Colored sage green to stand out from the other, darker letters, the “U” is the main accent of the logo.

The Natuzzi logo looks clean and elegant, with distinctive curved lines representing comfort and softness. The colors of wood and sage resemble of harmony, balance and relaxation, and make think of brand’s famous sofas and armchairs.

The Natuzzi slogan “It’s how you live” runs under the logo and expresses the brand’s consumer-centric mission. The Natuzzi logo reflects social responsibility and authentic quality of brand’s products, emphasizing Italian style and comfort.

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