Sela is the name of a Russian casual wear brand, which was established in 1991 in Saint Petersburg. The first store of the label was opened in 1997, and by today the company has grown in a pretty big chain of stores across the country.

Meaning and history

Sela is a brand of women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories, which was founded by Israeli entrepreneurs of Russian origin, and registered in Great Britain. The clothes are made in China, Russia, and Bangladesh. So the brand has a pretty intense geographical component. The Sela brand is known for its simple yet comfortable collections for the whole family, with the clothes at very affordable prices.

The first Sela store was opened at the end of the 1990s in Saint Petersburg, and it took the company just a couple more years to expand the chain to dozens of locations all over the country. The name of the brand was not chosen by chance, as SELA means “rock” in Hebrew. And this is how the company positions itself on the Russian market — solid, stable, and confident.

In the middle of the 2010s Sela experimented with new products, creating a small line of cosmetic products and perfumes, and a footwear collection, although today the main direction of the franchise is still clothing, and the kids’ direction is the most successful.

What is Sela?

Sela is a Russian clothing brand, established by Israeli businessmen in 1991. Today the company designs and produces a wide range of clothing for the whole family, along with accessories, which are loved by people for their good quality and affordable prices.

As for the visual identity, the company chooses simplicity and bright colors, using the white uppercase logotype on a bright green banner, with all elements featuring distinctive and clean contours.

1991 – Today


Typically, the company uses the wordmark in green. The word “SELA” features a sans serif typeface. The letters are capitalized, italicized, and stand rather far from each other. The slanted letting looks very price fly and kind, evoking a sense of caress and loyalty.

You can also come across an older version. Here, the brand name was light gray, and there was an “S” icon at the top right corner. The “A” and “L” were positioned closer to each other than on the current version.

The “S” icon features the initial of the company’s name inside a green circle. Green is the color of growth and prosperity, new life and progress, and this shade has been chosen by the brand from its early days, which shows the main idea of Sela’s philosophy.