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Secret Sales is a UK-based premium e-commerce platform specializing in non-full-price fashion. Since being acquired by Lifestyle Retail Group in 2020, it has expanded into European markets, including the Netherlands and Belgium. With a strategic focus on growth, Secret Sales offers an extensive inventory of fashion items, aiming to become a top destination for discounted luxury fashion across Europe. The company leverages robust funding to enhance its technological infrastructure, anticipating significant market expansion and increased international presence by 2025​​​​​​.

Meaning and history

Secret Sales, founded in 2007 by brothers Nish and Sach Kukadia, began as an online flash sales outlet. The company underwent significant transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, shifting from flash sales to a premium e-commerce marketplace. This change was a part of a broader strategy to adapt to evolving market conditions and consumer preferences.

In August 2019, the Lifestyle Retail Group (LRG) acquired Secret Sales. The acquisition marked a pivotal moment, signaling a strategic shift in the company’s business model. However, due to unforeseen economic challenges, there were initial difficulties in funding the transition. Eventually, in March of the following year, Secret Sales underwent a pre-pack administration, a step that facilitated its transition to a marketplace model.

This history of Secret Sales demonstrates a dynamic journey of adaptation and growth, responding to market trends and evolving from a niche flash sales outlet to a more diversified e-commerce platform​​.


Secret Sales Logo

The logo for Secret Sales presents itself with a stark, no-frills aesthetic. The brand’s name is spelled out in a crisp, block-capital typeface that embodies a modern and sleek design ethos. The characters are evenly spaced, proclaiming a sense of order and accessibility. This typographic choice eschews any superfluous details, underlining the brand’s focus on straightforwardness and clarity. The stark contrast of the black text against a pure white backdrop ensures maximum visibility and reinforces the brand’s straightforward approach. This logo’s design encapsulates the essence of Secret Sales’ business model: direct, unambiguous, and focused on delivering value without pretense.