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Zappos is an American e-commerce platform, which specializes in selling footwear and clothing. The company was established in 1999 in Las Vegas and bought by Amazon in 2009. Besides sneakers and garments, the website offers a wide range of bags and accessories for men and women.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of Amazon’s sub-brand was created in 1999, the same yet the company was founded and had never been changed. Its logo, composed of a wordmark and an emblem is instantly recognizable across the globe and is synonymous with affordable clothing and footwear from the famous designers.

The black lettering of the wordmark is accompanied by a light blue emblem and a classic “.com” inscription placed on a light blue rectangle with rounded angles under the main wordmark. The emblem of the online retailer is a stylized exclamation sign, which repeats a pattern of a shoe sole, which is a reflection of the company’s purpose and nature.

The black and light blue color palette of the visual identity represents a professional and trustworthy company, which main principles are responsibility, quality, and attention to its customers.

Logo Zappos

Light blue in combination with white symbolizes loyalty and transparency, while black adds a sense of power and stability. A perfect and meaningful mix.

The retailer’s logo looks modern and stylish due to the interesting choice of typeface and colors. It is memorable and recognizable across the globe and ideal representative of a strong progressive company.


The black logotype is written in an ITC Binary Bold font, which is contemporary and unique. The font boasts sleek smooth lines and curves, evoking a sense of sophistication and good taste. The neat and soft shapes of the letters look luxurious and reflect the individuality of the company.


One of the most famous American online retailers of clothing and footwear offers a wide selection of shoes, garments, and accessories for men women and kids. When the company was founded, it was focused only on footwear, but expanded its assortment throughout the years.

Zappos Logo

Today the e-commerce platform, owned by Amazon, has all the possible styles for the whole family from hundreds of popular world brands. Here you can find dresses for women, men’s jackets and pajamas for kids, along with a huge range of footwear, including sneakers, boots, and heels.

The e-commerce platform has a perfectly designed application to provide its customers with a convenient and pleasant shopping experience. The company is also present on all the social media platforms and has millions of subscribers on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

The company offers free delivery across the USA and a 14-day window for exchanges and returns. The 24/7 customer service is always ready to help with all the questions and inquires.