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Casetify is an online retailing platform, which specializes in the distribution of smartphones and cases, along with other accessories. The company was established in Hong Kong in 2011 and today operates globally, with flexible shipping rates to almost all countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Casetify Logo history

The visual identity of the e-commerce platform is laconic and modern. Composed of a wordmark in a monochrome palette, the logo of the company was redesigned only once, and its style was dramatically changed.

2011 — 2018

Casetify Logo 2011

The original logo of the business was designed in 2011 when the website was launched. It was a script logotype in black, placed on a white background. Nothing else, only bold smooth lines of a custom typeface, which is pretty close to Bello Pro, a brush font, designed by Bas Jacobs.

It was a minimalist yet confident logo, evoking a sense of style and power of a young company, which was created in order to give its customers a new experience in creating their own designs and use them in their everyday life.

2018 — Today

Casetify logo

The redesign of 2018 brought anew shapes and mood to the company’s visual identity. The strict white wordmark is now placed on a black rectangle, which is diagonally located. There is also one bright detail on the e-commerce platform’s emblem now — a red dot above the letter “I”, which adds playfulness and uniqueness to the whole visual identity, making the traditional minimalist logo instantly recognizable.

The new insignia of the company looks modern and stylish, it has a powerful and confident mood, showing the progressive and innovative character of the business and its fundamental approach.


The wordmark of the new visual identity is written in all capital letters, except for “I”, which dot is the only graphical element in the company’s logo.

The bold and neat sans-serif typeface of the inscription is very close to TG Neuramatica Black, which is a strong geometric font with strict lines and distinct edges of the letters.

The nameplate evokes a sense of seriousness and stability, while its diagonal placement adds a friendly and welcoming feeling, balancing the strictness and traditional lines.

Casetify Logo1


Casetify is not an ordinary online retailer. It is a platform, where everyone can design their own phone case, based on their photos or images. Established in 2011, the platform became incredibly popular worldwide and keeps serving millions of customers in many countries across the globe.

The company offers to customize not only cases for smartphones, but also tablets cases and even bands for Apple Watch, using the customers’ personal photos or the ones from the social media (Facebook or Instagram).

There is also a wide range of ready-made cases of all the possible styles and designs, so if you are unsure about printing your photo on your phone — get yourself a fancy Casetify item.