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Scorpions is the name of a famous German hard-rock band, which was created in 1965 by Rudolf Schenker. The most popular band’s group is “Wind of Change”, which is an anthem of the Berlin Wall’s fall.

Meaning and history

Scorpions Logo history

1972 – 1975

Scorpions Logo 1972

The band’s first logo was nothing more than their name written in black letters using a simple font with small serifs all over the letters.

1975 – Today

Scorpions logo

During the first year after it was formed, the band was called “Nameless”, as they couldn’t find a proper name. The idea of ”The Scorpions” came to Rudolph Schenker, because of its strength and memorability.

The Scorpions logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem above it. The emblem features a detailed image of a scorpion with sharp lines of its claws.

Scorpions logo

The wordmark in all-caps is executed in a custom font that is close to Lady Starlight, designed by Typodermic Fonts Studio. The unique smooth and bold lines of the typeface make the logo instantly recognizable.

Scorpions emblem

The monochrome palette of the logo makes it powerful and masculine, with an elegant and timeless touch. It is a symbol of music quality and a celebration of the iconic band’s style.


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