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Bloomscape is a design studio, which specializes in commercial architecture. They’re focused on designing and construction of high performance concepts of corporate offices, as well as stores, retail points, and others. They provide services mostly for Italian companies. It’s one of the most successful and largest companies in this sphere in Italy.

Meaning and history

2004 – today

Bloomscape Logo

Bloomscape logo is just a wordmark with the name of the brand. It has a futuristic angular sans serif typeface with slim letters of lowercase style. The word coloring is generally black, though it can change depending on the background. This logotype is widely used in the websites and social media. It’s also often attended with a ‘Architecture & design studio’ inscription, though it’s rather additional.

Font and color

A lowercase script with thin sans serif letters is used for the brand name. There are quite small gaps between letters. Due to these features, the nameplate looks stylish and modern. Usually, the coloring of the word is black, though you can find white and dark blue variants in the Internet. The background color is either white or there’s no background.