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Sassy Cow Creamery is a family-owned dairy farm crafting a variety of milk products and ice creams. Operated by the Baerwolf family, it’s renowned for organic and traditional dairy lines. Their market is primarily local, thriving on the premise of farm-fresh, traceable goods, appealing to those seeking authenticity and quality.

Meaning and history

Sassy Cow Creamery, with roots deep in Wisconsin’s dairy heritage, remains a testament to enduring family stewardship. Originating from the Baerwolf brothers, the enterprise has not wavered in ownership but has seen a progressive evolution in its product offerings. Embracing both organic and traditional farming practices, the Creamery has innovated without compromising the generational knowledge imparted from their ancestors. This ethos extends to their array of products, which has grown from basic milks to an assortment of ice creams and other dairy delights, always ensuring quality through meticulous process refinement. Community engagement and a commitment to sustainable practices have anchored their reputation as a local treasure in a globalized market.


Sassy Cow Logo

Dominated by a striking red backdrop, the logo encapsulates the essence of the brand. Center stage is the namesake “Sassy Cow,” rendered in a playful, cartoonish style, complete with a whimsical cow chewing on a daisy, a light-hearted nod to the dairy’s connection to farming and nature. The cow’s relaxed demeanor captures the brand’s friendly and approachable spirit. Overarching the bovine is the brand name in bold, curvaceous white lettering with prominent shadow effects, giving a three-dimensional pop against the red. The lettering’s flamboyance mirrors the cheekiness of the cow above, while the use of the term “Creamery” in block capitals below reaffirms the company’s artisanal dairy focus. A dark arch crowns the logo, adding a classic touch that contrasts with the otherwise modern and spirited design, culminating in a distinctive marque that reflects the brand’s unique blend of tradition and playfulness.

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