Panera Logo

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Panera Logo
The logotype of the Panera Bread Company, one of the most successful chains of bakery-cafe restaurants in the US, is built around a metaphor that is closely connected to the specific process of making break used by the company.

Meaning and History logo

Panera logo history

The logo itself, as well as the entire branding, was created by Heckler Associates. They found the name for the then little-known 20-store chain and developed its brand identity at all levels, which certainly affected the growth of the franchise food chain.


Panera symbol
The central metaphor behind the Panera logo is that of so-called Mother Bread. To understand it, one has to know that while making sourdough bread the Panera bakers use a small amount of the dough used to cook the previous batch of bread dough. Bakers call this piece of dough the “mother”. When a new Panera restaurant is opened, the “mother” of the first Panera bread cooked in the 1980s is taken there no matter how far the new bakery is located.


Panera emblem
The Mother Bread as depicted on the logo is a smiling woman looking at the loaf of bread she is holding in her arms as if it was a baby.


Font Panera Logo
The Panera logo features a unique bespoke script. It looks as if the name of the company was carelessly written by hand. The smooth, curvy lines go perfectly well with the picture of Mother Bread.


Color Panera Logo
The color palette seems perfect for a bakery. The letters and the outline of Mother Bread are given in dark brown, while the background is beige. Both the colors are somewhat evocative of the colors of pastries.