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The Italian football club Unione Sportiva Sassuolo Calcio was established in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, in 1920.

Meaning and history

Sassuolo logo

The current crest has been used since 2001 (at least). It features a shield divided into four fields. The most unusual of them is probably the top left one, with two flowers behind three vertical bars. In fact, the design was borrowed from the coat of arms of the team’s home city, Sassuolo.


Sassuolo Symbol

Both the top right and the bottom fields sport the same pattern – black and green stripes. The stripes vary by size – those on the top are smaller. The pattern has been extensively used as part of the club’s brand identity throughout its long history. Between the two large black stripes on the bottom field, a football can be seen.

Lettering on the emblem

Sassuolo emblem

The text “U.S. Sassuolo” in white is placed in a banner in the middle of the shield. The glyphs look somewhat unusual due to the modified proportions between the top and the bottom parts, which is especially visible on the “U” and the “O.”


logo sassuolo calcio

While being rather simple (green, white, and black), the palette has a distinctive look due to the unique, eye-pleasing shade of green. Interestingly enough, the team’s official colors were the reason why it was nicknamed “Neroverdi” (which means “black and green”). Their hymn is the song of the same name written in 2013.