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Meaning and history

Swansea City Logo history

During the first 60 years of its history, the Swansea City Association Football Club used a badge heavily based on the crest of its home city. Since the 1970s, the core component of the badge was a swan.

1912 — 1922

Swansea City Logo 1912The team started its history in 1912 under the name of the Swansea Town. The first emblem it used was just the coat of arms of its home city, Swansea, Wales. There was a castle with two towers symbolizing the castle of Henry de Beaumont (1099), around which the town grew up, a rampant lion, and a dragon.

1922 — 1970

Swansea City Logo 1922The second Swansea City FC logo (1922) featured almost the same components, although they were redrawn using a slightly different style, color palette, and overall proportions.

1970 — 1972

Swansea City Logo 1970Since 1970, when the following logo was adopted, the football club has been experimenting with completely different types of logo, which featured a swan. Initially, it was just a dark grey swan with a yellow beak. Two years later, an all-black swan logo was introduced.

1972 — 1973

Swansea City Logo 1972

1973 — 1977

Swansea City Logo 1973In 1973-1977, the team temporarily switched to a red dragon badge. However, eventually, the black swan made a comeback. Now, it could be seen inside a black circle.

1977 — 1979

Swansea City Logo 1977In the 1979 version, the black ring became bolder. Also, it held the name of the team in white.

1979 — 1984

Swansea City Logo 1979

1984 — 1985

Swansea City Logo 1984

1985 — 1992

Swansea City Logo 1985

1992 — 1993

Swansea City Logo 1992In addition to black and white, the 1992 and 1993 Swansea City logo also featured shades of blue. However, the color logo didn’t last long.

1993 — 1998

Swansea City Logo 1993

1998 — Today

Swansea City Logo

2000 — 2002

Swansea City Logo 2000

2005 — 2007

Swansea City Logo 2005

2012 — 2013

Swansea City Logo 2012


swansea city logo png

The palette has been based on the combination of black and white since 1970. While the uniforms also feature other colors (yellow, red, blue), the Swansea City logo stays achromatic.