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Santoni is a high-end shoe brand from Italy, which was created in 1975 by Andrea and Rosa Santoni in Corridonia, where Andrea Santoni was born. Later, the company was headed by their children, Giuseppe and Ilenia. Even today, the house is owned and operated solely by members of the Santoni family.

Meaning and history

Santoni is a luxury well-known Italian brand of designer and classic shoes. It operates in the upper price segment and produces men’s and women’s models, although men’s footwear is the main specialization of the brand.

Santoni is a family business, which is now run by the second generation of the Italian Santoni family. Andrea Santoni founded the company with his wife Rosa. Today the company produces bags, purses, belts, and other products in addition to shoes.

The main distinguishing feature of the brand, which makes it a luxury brand, is that all Santoni shoes are handmade by Italian masters from the highest quality leather. In terms of design, the brand prefers classic models and shapes, creating timeless items, which will always have their place in the outfit of men and women across the globe. Almost all Santoni shoes and boots are sharp-nosed, bourgeois, and daring – soft velvety leather combined with the lacquered surface, thin leather laces, and elegant shiny clasps.

What is Santoni?

Santoni is the brand of luxury footwear for men and women, which was established in 1975 in Italy. Today the brand is still owned by the Santoni family and is managed by the children of the founders. Santoni shoes are known for their high-end materials, top quality, and exquisite design.

As for the visual identity, Santoni is bright and bold, completely different from all its competitors. Yes, it also uses only the logotype and just in one color for its insignia, but the style, the shape, and the thickness and length of the lines, everything here is unique.

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Santoni logo

The Santoni logo features a beautiful script imitating handwriting. It’s not a ready-made font but a custom artwork created specifically for the company. The letter “S,” with its stylish thin ends, dominates the wordmark. While it looks elegant and highly distinctive, we can’t but mention that the logo isn’t perfectly legible. The closest commercial font to the one used in the Santoni logo is, probably, nothing, but with contours of most letters modified.

The primary color palette of the Santoni logo is, of course, black-on-white, but there is another option for the insignia, which is used as much as the original one, — scarlet-red lettering. In red the smooth script wordmark gains more passion and strength.