Herbal Essences Logo

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Herbal Essences LogoHerbal Essences Logo PNG

Herbal Essences is a range of haircare products introduced by Procter & Gamble. It began in 1971 from a single shampoo called Clairol Herbal Essence Shampoo.

Meaning and history

Herbal Essences Logo history


Herbal Essences Logo 1978

The old Herbal Essences logo featured the lettering “Clairol Herbal Essence” in dark green.


Herbal Essences Logo 1980

A roundel logo featuring various flowers and a serif type was used.


Herbal Essences Logo 2005

The logo showcased a light green and yellow ring with silver trim and the silver lettering “Herbal Essences.”


Herbal Essences Logo 2014

The palette grew somewhat darker, the wordmark was now dark green.


Herbal Essences logo

The thick ring was replaced by a simpler, thin one decorated with green leaves. The name of the brand could be seen inside.