San Jose State Spartans Logo

San Jose State Spartans Logo

Although the athletic logo of San José State University in San Jose, California, has always featured a Spartan shield, it has not looked the same.

Meaning and history

San Jose State Spartans Logo history

Since the oldest San Jose State Spartans logo was introduced in 1928, the emblem has gone through at least seven updates.

The original one featured a side view of a Spartan warrior wearing a shield. The warrior was facing to the right, similar to the one depicted on the following logo (1941).

On the 1954 version, the Spartan turned to the left. The 1962 and 1971 logos were more of a caricature. On the 1983 emblem, the angled view of the warrior’s face could be seen. In 2000, the era of more abstract logos came.

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