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San Jose State Spartans are the collegiate athletic program of the Californian San Jose State University. The program consists of twenty men’s and women’s transcripts which compete in NCAA Division I in a variety of sports disciplines, including Basketball, Baseball, Football, and many more.

Meaning and history

San Jose State Spartans Logo history

The inception of San Jose State Spartans traces its roots to the establishment of San Jose State University, initially founded as Minns Evening Normal School in 1857. This timeline positions it among the pioneers in California’s higher education landscape. With a rich history that intertwines with the evolution of the university itself, the athletic teams eventually adopted the distinctive identity of the San Jose State Spartans, symbolizing both strength and resilience.

Throughout their storied journey, the Spartans have carved out a notable niche in the realm of collegiate sports. They are particularly celebrated for their contributions to football and basketball, where they have consistently demonstrated prowess and competitive spirit. Their accolades include a series of conference championships and memorable participations in NCAA tournaments, which have not only uplifted the team’s profile but also contributed to the broader narrative of college athletics in the United States.

In the contemporary athletic landscape, the San Jose State Spartans continue to uphold their legacy of sporting excellence. As members of the Mountain West Conference, they face off against some of the most formidable teams in the nation, showcasing a blend of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. Their ongoing endeavors on the field are a testament to the university’s enduring commitment to fostering a culture of athletic achievement and personal development.

What is San Jose State Spartans?
The San Jose State Spartans represent the athletic division of San Jose State University, engaged in a diverse array of collegiate sports. As a prominent member of the NCAA’s Mountain West Conference, they have made their mark with standout performances in football and basketball. The Spartans, synonymous with athletic prowess and a rich competitive history, continue to embody the spirit of sportsmanship and excellence in the collegiate sports arena.

1940 – 1948

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1940The 1940 logos were more of a caricature.

1948 – 1949

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1948
The redesign of 1948 introduced a funny Spartan caricature as the official logo of the athletic program. The man, wearing a warrior helmet had one of his eyes wide open as if he was observing those looking at him with great attention.

1949 – 1960

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1949The original one featured a side view of a Spartan warrior wearing a shield. The warrior was facing to the right, similar to the one depicted on the following logo.

1960 – 1977

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1960On the 1960 version, the Spartan turned to the left.

1977 – 1981

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1977On the 1977 emblem, the angled view of the warrior’s face could be seen.

1981 – 1983

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1981
The Spartans logo from 1981 was drawn in the same manner and color palette as the previous emblem. The helmet featured a shorter upper part, which made the Spartan look stronger and more dangerous.

1983 – 1985

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1983
The Spartans’ 1983 logo featured an image of a warrior’s head with a horse comb. The whole logo was colored gold-yelllow and blue.

1985 – 1999

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1983
The next logo was just a Spartan helmet colored blue. It was turned left. The helmet had a minimalistic style with no complicated forms.

1999 – 2010

San Jose State Spartans Logo 1999In 1999, the era of more abstract logos came.

2010 – 2018

San Jose State Spartans Logo 2010
For a new decade, Spartans made a new logo. It was a yellow helmet with bold blue outline. The comb was featured as multiple triangles drawn yellow and blue, and they had a white space in between.

2018 – Today

San Jose State Spartans Logo
Another brand logo had the similar visual style and color palette, but it was a bit renovated. The whole image became blue and yellow, and the comb was elongated.
San Jose State Spartans is the name of the sports program of the university located in San Jose, California. The program is best known for its men’s football and basketball clubs, though it has 18 more men’s and women’s teams in such sports disciplines as Soccer, Water Polo, Tennis, and others.

San Jose State Spartans Colors

HEX COLOR: #0055A2;
RGB: (0, 85, 162)
CMYK: (100, 43, 0, 5)

RGB: (229, 168, 35)
CMYK: (10, 35, 100, 0)

HEX COLOR: #939597;
RGB: (147, 149, 151)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 55)