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The American fashion designer Donna Karan started her own label in 1984 upon leaving Anne Klein. Her first success as an independent designer came with the ‘Essentials’ line offering a way to easily mix and match clothing items.

Meaning and history

Donna Karan logo
The Donna Karan logo is all about effortless elegance. While there is nothing but the name of the brand, the wordmark has the refined touch characteristic of the items designed by Donna Karan. It is provided by the varying width of the strokes making up the glyphs – this is a modern reinterpretation of the art of calligraphy, where the stroke width is one of the basic instruments.

The type is rather light and transparent. The first line, “Donna Karan,” is better legible due to the larger letters, while the words in the second line, “New York,” are smaller and less noticeable.

The proportions of the letters are somewhat flat. While there is generally well enough space between the glyphs within the words, the words in both the lines are not separated from each other by the space requires by grammar rules.

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