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French Connection (also FCUK or fcuk) is one of the well-known fashion brands based in the UK. It sells clothing, accessories, and homeware.

Meaning and history

French Connection logo history

French Connection is a brand, appeared in the 1970s, a very creative and artistic time in the world. The label with its recognizable style became popular very fast and its simple logo with small details, which made it unique, for loved by people all over the globe.

1972 — 1994

French Connection Logo 1972

The original French Connection logo, introduced in 1972, featured a monochrome logotype in all capitals, with the first letter, “F”, in the lowercase. Though the vertical line of the “F” was elongated, so the letter was even taller than all others. Another interesting feature of the logotype was its letter “I”, it was also in the uppercase, but had two solid dots both above and under it. These small touches made the bold and narrowed sans-serif typeface of the inscription playful and cool. The font of the French Connection wordmark was very similar to Nara Semi Bold and Drone Ranger Pro Condensed Regular.

1994 — Today

French Connection logo

The logo was redesigned just once, in 1994, and the style of the French Connection visual identity got changed dramatically, though it was still just a logotype in monochrome. The new wordmark in all capitals boasts a modern and lightweight square sans-serif typeface with its delicate yet confident letters having a lot of space between each other. The inscription looks progressive and stylish, and very elegant due to thin lines and rounded angles of the letters.

As for the emblem, which is also used by the brand on tags and almost all of the advertising campaigns, it was a very scandalous topic, when was just designed. The “fcuk”, standing for French Connection UK, written in the lowercase of a traditional sans-serif typeface, became one of the most famous abbreviations across the globe, due to its visible double meaning.

French Connection Logo

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