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Aion is a fantasy MMORPG, which was released in 2008. Today it is one of the most popular online video games with most part of its audience — from Asia. The game was designed for the Microsoft Windows platform and is available in a multiplayer mode.

Meaning and history

Aion logo

The Aion visual identity is full of mystery and fantasy elegance, though it is com-posed of a single wordmark, its color palette and sophisticated lines with modern shapes create a unique image, which perfectly represents the purpose and scenery of the game.

The famous online game uses a blue and black color palette for its logo, where the gradient blue inscription in a black outline is placed on various backgrounds, which also usually feature blue in its lighter tones.

The all-caps lettering of the nameplate is executed in a custom serif font with destiny edges and elongated and sharp thin serifs. The right vertical bar of the letter “N” is slightly arched to the outside and had its edge stylized as a lighting bolt. It adds character and intrigue to the whole wordmark and balanced the oper silhouette of the “O”, which resembles the Greek letter omega.

The gradient colors and glossy texture of the letters make it three-dimensional and sleek, adding volume and energy to the visual identity and reflecting the value of high quality in everything — graphics, design, and the plot itself.

The Aion visual identity is pretty simple in its composition — just the wordmark — but its style and execution are on the top level.