Call of Duty Logo

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Call of Duty logo

Call of Duty is an Activision video game, developed in 2003. The shooter was origi-nally focused on the World War II period, and moved into modern times after 2007. Today the game has its versions for all the operating systems as well as for PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii consoles.

Meaning and history

Call of Duty logo

The strict and simple Call of Duty visual identity has always been text-based. The first version was created in 2003 and was composed of all-caps three-dimensional lettering in a traditional sans-serif typeface.

Until 2010, the game used various metallic colors for its logo — blue, green and light gray with an orange outline. But in 2010 Call of Duty logo became monochrome. And it still keeps the black and white color palette today.

The bold sans-serif lettering of the Call of Duty nameplate is executed in a font, which is very similar to Impact, created by Geoffrey Lee. Its strong and confident lines evoke a sense of order and strategic thinking, all direct and clear.

It is a perfect representation of a war planning video game. And the black and white color palette of the Call of Duty visual identity only adds power and masculinity to this image.

The only eye-catching element of the famous video-game’s visual identity is con-nected to letters “T” and “Y”, which symbolizes unity and teamwork.