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The name Looney Tunes is familiar to people from different parts of the world. The American animated comedy series produced by Warner Bros. has gradually turned into a global media franchise, including more than one television series, feature films, comic books, etc.

Meaning and history

Looney Tunes Logo history
While the Looney Tunes logo has gone through multiple updates, it has never lost its playful and lively character.

1930 – 1934

Looney Tunes Logo 1930

In 1930, Warner Bros. released the first Looney Tunes short. They aimed to compete against Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse short cartoons.
The original wordmarks reflected the older version of the name, “A Looney Tune.” During its first four years, the emblem was given in two or three lines (the third line appeared only for the “A Looney Tune” version). While in some cases, each of the “O’s” stood apart, there were also cases where the letters either formed a single glyph or overlapped.

1934 – 1936

Looney Tunes Logo 1934

The Looney Tunes badge was redesigned in 1934, with the shapes and contours of the dancing uppercase characters refined and cleaned up: now the white heavy capitals, outlined in thin black, boasting wide gray shadows, and being placed against a plain white background. It was a simple, yet confident and bold badge, which stayed with the cartoon for around two years.

1939 – 1964

Looney Tunes Logo 1934

The lettering now formed a single line. It was arched, to a larger or smaller extent. This is when the era of overlapping letters started: it seemed as if there was not enough space and the glyphs had to be placed one over the other.

Around this time, the iconic “bullseye” design appeared. The size and the color of the central circle varied, but typically, it featured red or blue. The arched name of the series was placed either above the circle or over its upper part. It was white with shades in various colors, which added some depth.

1964 – 1969

Looney Tunes Logo 1964

While the old logos were pretty plump and arched to a greater or lesser extent, 1964 marked the beginning of a new style. There was no arch now, although the letters still did not form a straight line (they “jumped” above and below the line). The glyphs lost some of their weight. While in the previous versions, the width of the strokes was more or less the same, this time, they glyphs combined very thin and very thick strokes. The overall style was more casual now.

1996 – 2007

Looney Tunes Logo 1985

The Looney Tunes logo returned to the earlier style with the arched shape and plump glyphs. However, it did not look exactly like its predecessor. There was now more space, although the letters still partly overlapped.

2007 – Today

Looney Tunes Logo

The current logo featured on the official Warner Bros. website has bold letters and is not arched. The glyphs are still “dancing” above and below the line and partly overlap.


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