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Rockstar Games is an American company, specialized in video-games development and pub-lishing. It was founded in 1998 in the United States and became famous mainly as creators of the Grand Theft Auto videogames. They are also responsible for Manhunt, Red Dead, Max Payne and Manhunt series. In particular, Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of their latest products. They aren’t known for frequent releases, however.

Meaning and history

Rockstar Games Logo history

The studio was founded in 1998 by the videogame published Take-Two. It was formed on the remains of an older British developer BMG Interactive, which started in 1994 but stopped making games by 1998. The studio is currently one of the biggest developers in the world and incorporates a dozen smaller developers.

1994 – 1998

Rockstar Games Logo 1994

The original incarnation of Rockstar was BMG Interactive, a developer that existed from 1994 to 1998. The centerpiece of their logo was an acronym ‘BMG’, written in wide, short serif letters. Below it, and separated by a horizontal line, was the word ‘Interactive’ in smaller sans-serif letters with taller proportions.

The whole logo was black, except for a burgundy triangle that pointed down into the central depression of the letter ‘M’. It basically mirrored the curvature of the character.

1998 – Today

Rockstar Games logo

The Rockstar Games’ visual identity looks like it is a symbol of a champion sports team. It is bright, minimalist and very dynamic.

The logo is composed of a yellow square that features rounded angles and a thin black outline. Inside the square, a bold letter “R” is placed, with a white five-pointed star in a black outline, placed on the end of the “R” bar.

The Rockstar Games “R” is written in an elegant sans-serif typeface, and its smooth lines are balanced by a sharp star.

The yellow black and white color palette of the Rockstar Games logo is a symbol of energy and dynamics. It reflects the winning spirit of the brand and shows the com-pany as progressive and energetic, the one that values innovations and cares for their customers.

Yellow is a color of friendship and communications, and the company creates a special atmosphere in their games, which connects people and brings fun and happy moments to their lives.

The Rockstar Games logo is modern and instantly recognizable. Its simplicity ele-vates it and makes an outstanding icon, which is synonymous with the quality mark of the video-gaming.