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Rockport is an American brand of shoes manufacturer, owned by New Balance holding. It was created in 1930 by Samuel Katz under the name “Hubbard Shoe Company”. Today the brand sells its products in almost 100 countries around the world.

Meaning and history

Rockport Logo history

The Rockport logo is composed of a wordmark and a brand signifier icon, which is placed on the left or above the nameplate. It is a powerful and minimalist logo, which is a great reflection of a high-quality brand, which values its consumers’ needs and aims to provide them with the best products possible.


Rockport Logo 1970


Rockport Logo 1980


Rockport Logo 1990

2000’s – now

Rockport Logo

The wordmark is all-caps is executed in a strict typeface with straight clean lines, which makes the logo look strong and masculine. The black color of the lettering adds a sense of quality and expertise.


Rockport emblem

The Rockport emblem is a round-framed letter “R” written in the lower case. It looks stylish and modern in its unique custom typeface and bright orange color, that evokes a feeling of energy and warmth.

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