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Riverdale is a teen drama television series made in the US. Riverdale was inspired by the heroes of Archie, a comic book series featuring Archie Andrews. The series was adapted for The CW by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and is produced by Warner Bros.

Meaning and history

Warner Bros. started development on the feature film in 2013. Initially, it was in development at Fox, but in 2015, it was moved to The CW. The pilot was ordered in early 2016.

The Riverdale logo is as simple as just the name of the series. The designers decided it would be well enough, taking into consideration that the wordmark would have to be placed in various visual contexts. In this case, the lack of pictorial elements on the logo works well as it doesn’t overload the whole design.

Yet, the authors of the logo faced another problem: how to make the design memorable using only typography. They chose a legible yet unusual serif type. The name of the series is given in block capitals. The shape of the glyphs is somewhat similar to the typefaces used in sports logos (note, for instance, the “cut” angles on the “R’s” and “D”).

Riverdale Logo

The wordmark is often given in white letters with colored trim, which is also a popular approach in sports logos.

In other words, this could have easily been the wordmark of a sports team. The designers wanted to emphasize the link with one of the most interesting spheres of life for teens as well as to add the excitement and adrenaline rush involved in sports competitions.


While the overall structure of the wordmark is always the same, the details can be slightly modified. The most common version is probably the one featuring the white glyphs with light blue trim. This version is flat.

Also, there is a 3D alternative wordmark where the trim has a brighter and darker hue. There is also plenty of light blue and white highlights leaving the impression that the letters are not only dimensional but also wet. In this version, the glyphs look somewhat bolder.

Logo Riverdale

You can come across a black wordmark with a blue border. Here, the shade of blue appears warmer than on the main logo.

The Title card showcases the name of the series in dark blue with a “wet” light blue trim.


The fact that the Riverdale logo has always experimented with various shades of blue seems to have been inspired by the name of the place, as blue has always had “water” connotations.