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Deluxe Digital Studios is the name of a famous American company engaged in the cinematography services, such as digital processing and creative consultancy. The company was established in 1915, as a processing laboratory, and by today has grown into one of the most well-known providers of film processing and distribution services.

Meaning and history

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo history

The name Deluxe Digital has been known on the world’s cinematography market for more than a century. A professional and reputable company was one of the pioneers in films processing and even today there it does not have many competitors. Starting as a small laboratory, Deluxe has been steadily growing, having its ups and downs, but the completely new era started for the company in the 2000s.

2002 – 2016

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo 2002

The Deluxe logo, designed in 2002, stayed with the company for over a decade, became iconic, and strongly associated with the high quality in the film industry. It was a badge in the classic and the most powerful black, red and white color palette, with just one graphical element — the solid red dot — placed above the logotype. The dot comprised a white lowercase “Deluxe” written over it in a modern and smooth sans-serif typeface. The same typeface was used for the enlarged black “Digital” inscription set under the dot and underlined by the lightweight uppercase “Studios” in a simple sans-serif font. Throughout the years the logo was slightly refined, and a few different three-dimensional versions were created; which were mainly used on screen.

2013 – Today

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo 2003

In 2013 the Deluxe Digital Studios logo was completely rethought. The solid red dot turned into a modern symbol formed by rounded pixels in different shades of red. Over the new abstract shape, there was a bold white “Deluxe” inscription set in the lowercase of a custom sans-serif typeface with full-shaped rounded letters and some angles of the bars softened.

2016 – Today

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo 2016

The clean geometric shape returned to the Deluxe badge in 2016. This is when the white logotype got placed on a gradient red sphere, being the only element of the new three-dimensional badge. The sphere was hung weightlessly against a light gray background, with a shadow underneath. The gradient shades and glossy surface of the scarlet-red element made the logo look vivid and eye-catching, while the clean contours and strong color contrast added a sense of professionalism and trustworthiness.

2017 – Today

Deluxe Digital Studios Logo

In 2017 the Deluxe logo gets redesigned again, and the new badge became the celebration of simplicity and minimalism. It is still and white and red color palette, still a rounded badge and a lowercase inscription, but it varies from all the previous versions. The new badge is fresh, modern, and laconic, which makes it the most stylish and confident Deluxe logo ever created. The bold red sans-serif logotype is executed in the same recognizable custom typeface and set on a white background, enclosed into a circular frame in the same shade of red. The thickness of the frame repeats the thickness of the lines in the inscription, which makes the badge look super balanced and exquisite.

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