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Rimmel is a British producer of cosmetics, including solutions for face, eyes and lips. It’s one of the oldest such manufacturers in Britain, with history dating to as far back as the early 19th century. Nowadays, Rimmel is one of the top suppliers of makeup products on the market.

Meaning and History

The company started by the perfumer Eugene Rimmel in 1834. The original facility was in London, and the headquarters are still located there. However, the brand has now spread to being a Europe-wide supplier. The company’s image is based heavily on the British iconic symbols, including even the red and black color scheme.

1834  – today

Rimmel Logo

The company has long used the word ‘Rimmel’ as a centerpiece of their logo. In the later iterations, the letters use a linear, abrupt sans-serif style with incredibly thin letters (albeit, the width can change even from line to line here. They usually plaint them black, and even when the backgrounds is black the logo is put onto a white rectangle instead of repainting the letters.

The other two common symbols nowadays are a crown that resembles the British Royal crown. It’s located right on top of the letter ‘R’. The other is the word ‘London’, placed directly below the last two letters. Its font is a more mundane sans-serif style. Both elements are colored bright red.