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Olay is a line of skincare products. It is one of Procter & Gamble’s brands.

Olay Slogan
  • Ageless

  • Your best beautiful.

  • Love the skin you’re in.

  • Lie about your age. Hide the evidence.

  • Every night you see a dirty film and don’t even know it.

Meaning and history

Olay Logo history


Olay Logo-1952

The original Olay logo looked like a shield housing an intricate roundel emblem and the old name of the product, “Oil of Ulay.”


Olay Logo-1999

The shield was simplified, the lettering “Olay” now dominated the design.


Olay Logo-2000

The background shape disappeared. The figure inside the roundel now featured a woman’s face.

Logo Olay


Olay Logo-2006

There was some experimenting with the typeface and the position of the emblem.


Olay Logo-2010

The female face emblem grew black-and-white. The wordmark could be used on its own.


Olay Logo

The type was modified and adopted a horizontal bar below. The roundel emblem disappeared.