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Kanebo is one of the best known Japanese skincare brands, which was established in 1887 and today is owned by the Koa Group, one of the leading consumer goods companies in Asia. The brand produces luxury facial and hair care products, as well as make-up cosmetics of the highest quality.

Meaning and history

The iconic cosmetic producer’s visual identity is based on the Japanese culture and its unique calligraphy. The minimalist and modern logo has been with the brand since the 1940s and left untouched today. It is a perfect symbol for the luxury skincare brand, which also has several sub-brands.

The Kanebo logo is composed of a wordmark and a tagline, which are usually written in black on a white background, but depending on the cosmetics line can be changed to gold and red or white on black. All three options are classy and traditional, evoking a sense of expertise and professional fundamental approach, as well as the value of beauty and health.

Logo Kanebo


The wordmark is divided into two parts the main, with the brand’s name and the tagline “Feel Your Beauty”, placed under it. Both parts are written in one color but feature completely different styles and fonts.

The main, “Kanebo”, the part is executed in a custom bold typeface with sharp delicate serifs and playful sleek lines. The font looks similar to Joane Italic Semi Bold but modified in order to create a sense of Japanese culture and unique calligraphic lines.

The brand’s motto, placed as a tagline, is written in all capitals and uses a thin and lightweight sans-serif typeface, which is close to Zelda SmallCaps Regular, with its thin straight lines and neat silhouette.

The two completely different styles balance each other and complete, they look perfect placed together and create a sense of the brand’s individuality and originality.

Kanebo Logo


Kanebo is a brand with a rich history and a strong link to its roots and legacy. The company was founded in the 1880s as a textile business, which exported cotton and silk. Later, when the brand started the cosmetics production, silk extracts were used in all the label’s products, which made the brand’s skincare extremely popular.

Today Kanebo is a huge and powerful brand, which produces several cosmetic lines, aimed to suit different types of skin and its conditions. Besides the skincare cosmetics, the Japanese company also produces make-up items, which are getting more and more popular due to its amazing textures and a rich color palette. The brand also has its beauty school, where they provide professional education in fields of beauty.

The company, based in Tokyo, has it is luxury skincare products distributed in more than 50 countries across the globe and is considered to be one of the most respected names in the world’s beauty industry, for its progressive approach and constant research.

The brand is the world’s leader and one of the pioneers in using hyaluronic acid for a better lifting and anti-age effect. They also patented many innovative formulas and developed revolutionary techniques, which help our skin to stay young, fresh and moisturized.