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The athletic logo of Rider University in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, was inspired by the name of the program, the Rider Broncs.

Meaning and history

Rider Broncs logo history

1977 – 2006

Rider Broncs Logo-1977

Both the previous Rider Broncs logo and the current one feature a horse. And yet, they look totally different. The creature on the old logo (1977-2006) is cartoonish and oversimplified. Although the horse has a fierce expression on its muzzle, you can hardly take its serious.

2007 – Today

Rider Broncs Logo

The 2007 logo looks more professional. The horse’s head bears a determined expression, and there is a lot of dynamism in the logo. The typography used for the lettering “Rider Broncs” (specifically, the extended end of the “R”) adds some motion, too.