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Rick and Morty is a show, aired on Adult Swim. It’s a popular adult sitcom; one of the most popular such shows currently. It follows the story of a mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty, who get into all sorts of intergalactic adventures. Each episode is usually a new story, although there are also fragments of a common plot throughout the series.

Meaning and History

The first season aired in 2013 and consisted of 11 episodes. As of September 2021, there are 5 full seasons, each (with the exception of season 1) with ten 22-minute episodes. The show is generally an over-the-top science fiction, drawn in a cartoonish, simple but grotesque style with elements of comedy and drama.

2013 – today

Rick and Morty

The show’s main logo is also a title card, which means it just says the name in a single line. The names of both main characters are written in big letters, while the ‘and’ in the middle is much smaller. They don’t use a typical typeface, but instead have a fluid, rippling style for these letters. The coloring is usually turquoise with yellow rims.

The style is a reference to the portal fluid, used extensively in the show to transport between dimensions, realities and just space. Portals in the show have a similar appearance and are caused by shooting this liquid into the air.

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