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While the history of the Richmond Tigers football club started in 1885, the earliest known emblem dates back to 1946. It’s a roundel monogram in black, yellow, and gold. At the center, the interlacing letters “P,” “F,” and “C” can be seen. Below, there’s the number “1946.” The monogram in gold is placed in an intricate shape with the gold outline and yellow filling. The shape is encircled by the words “Richmond football club” in gold over the black background.

Meaning and history

Richmond Tigers logo

Each Richmond Tigers logo that has appeared since the 1980s has featured a tiger. The earliest of them (1977-1990) is a shield depicting a tiger walking forward. While there’s certainly an accent on the muzzle, you can see the creature’s body, too. On the background, there’s a black field with a yellow diagonal stripe. Above, you can see a white field with a dark blue outline housing the text “Tigers” in larger letters and “Richmond football club” in smaller letters.


Richmond Tigers symbol

In 1989, a new logo was unveiled. Here, the picture was reduced to the tiger’s head on the black field. The lettering was also cut leaving only the words “Richmond tigers.” While the shield shape was preserved, it became somewhat simpler. The same with the palette: the blue was removed leaving only three colors (white, yellow, and black).

The 1995 logo was much richer in details: the tiger had a lot of stripes and wrinkles and a distinctive red tongue. From the one hand, this approach made it more realistic, while from the other, the emblem worked worse at smaller sizes. What was even worse, it bore a funny resemblance to the logo of the Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The 2012 emblem

Richmond Tigers emblem

This one is less cluttered than its predecessor, and there’re attractive curves on the tiger’s chest “rhyming” with the shield shape.


Richmond Tigers

The official palette comprises yellow and black, while the Richmond Tigers logo itself also features red and white. The addition of the two colors seemed necessary to create a more or less realistic design.