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From 1982 to 1994, one of the most well-known US football teams, the Oakland Raiders, stayed in Los Angeles. During this period, the club was called Los Angeles Raiders. The logo it used was pretty similar to the one used by the Oakland Raiders since 1962 and was an identical copy of the logo used by the Oakland Raiders now.

Meaning and history

Logo Los Angeles Raiders

The Los Angeles Raiders logo sports a stylized depiction of a pirate. The pirate looks very much like actor Randolph Scott, who was immensely popular due to his roles in Westerns. Surprisingly enough, Scott never had a pirate role in all his life.

Los Angeles Raiders Logo history

The pirate, who is wearing a football helmet, is placed over two crisscrossed swords. Above him, there is the word “Raiders”. Both the wordmark and the image are put inside a black shield shape.

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