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Rémy Martin is a French brand of premium cognac, which was founded in 1724 by E.Rémy Martin in Cognac, France. It is managed by Rémy Cointreau company and is a part of the Comité Colbert, an association of luxury businesses.

Meaning and history

Remy Martin Logo

Remy Martin is one of the world’s most authentic cognac brands and its logo is known throughout the world for its iconic centaur, a figure from Greek mythology. Half man, half horse has graced the label of this famous Cognac since 1870. “It’s a brand with its feet firmly on the ground and its head in the sky”.

The wordmark matches the centaur with its Roman capitals. The typography is laid out like a colonnade to support the emblem.

The brand’s color scheme is red and gold, which symbolizes its baseline: “the heart of Cognac”

The label with its dynamic ray of bright red in the middle makes the bottle look  vibrant and modern.

The Remy Martin logo is an example of elegance and sophistication. Everything in it, from its color palette to its emblem, reflects the brands premium status. Remy Martin remains in the top 3 of the cognac brands worldwide.