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Hartmann, a venerable brand with deep roots, specializes in crafting premium luggage and travel accessories. In the contemporary marketplace, it primarily focuses on high-quality suitcases, briefcases, and personal leather goods. Serving a global clientele, Hartmann’s primary markets encompass North America and parts of Europe, leveraging a reputation built on reliability. While many enthusiasts associate the brand with timeless elegance, it’s worth noting that it operates under Samsonite, a dominant player in the luggage industry. Today, Hartmann balances tradition with innovation, constantly evolving to meet the demands of modern travelers.

Meaning and history

Established in 1877 by Joseph S. Hartmann, a Bavarian trunk-maker, Hartmann initially set its sights on luxury steam trunk production in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The brand soon gained traction for its commitment to craftsmanship and quality. By the early 20th century, its innovations, including the cushioned-top wardrobe trunk, had earned acclaim, positioning Hartmann as a staple among elite travelers.

Post-World War II saw a shift in consumer needs, prompting Hartmann to diversify. It transitioned into producing lighter travel items, including innovative luggage designs suited for the modern voyager. Its popularity surged, with notable figures and American presidents becoming patrons.

Over the decades, Hartmann faced challenges, including economic downturns and increasing competition. However, its dedication to craftsmanship and the premium market niche fortified its presence. In the 1950s, the company expanded internationally, cementing its global status.

Ownership transitions were inevitable. In 2012, the travel industry giant Samsonite acquired Hartmann. Under this new leadership, while preserving its essence, Hartmann embraced contemporary techniques and trends, rejuvenating its product line and broadening its reach.

Today, standing tall with over a century of history, Hartmann’s legacy is a testament to evolving with times, yet staying true to its roots. The brand continues to combine its age-old traditions with modern-day innovations, securing its place in the annals of luggage history.


Hartmann Logo

The logo showcases the word “hartmann” in a robust, elongated lowercase typeface. It’s colored in a deep, rich brown hue. The letters are tightly packed, almost as if they are leaning on each other, lending a sense of unity and cohesion. The font’s distinctiveness lies in the rounded edges of letters, which contrast with their otherwise linear structure. Below the brand name, in a more refined, smaller typeface, the words “SINCE 1877” are inscribed, emphasizing the brand’s longstanding heritage and tradition. The entire design exudes a sense of legacy combined with modern simplicity.

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