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Disney Princess (Princess Line) is a media franchise and toy-line including several fictional female characters from different Disney franchises.

Meaning and history

Disney Princess Logo history

The Disney Princess logo has gone through at least eight modifications. And yet, it has stayed consistent in its sweet girlish style, which has been growing more and more pronounced with time.


Disney Princess Logo-1999

The original wordmark looked pretty modest in comparison with the following versions. You could see the word “Princess” in an elegant type inspired by handwriting. While the letters looked as if they had been written by hand and had the curves needed to join them, they weren’t actually joined and had white gaps in between.

The most distinctive character was the “i” with a small crown instead of the dot.

Above the word “Princess” in dark blue, you could see a tiny Disney’s wordmark in pink.

1999 (Second version)

Disney Princess Logo-1999-2

The handwritten type was replaced by block letters. They weren’t italicized and were oriented horizontally. Yet, they still looked girlish and elegant due to the varying widths of the strokes


Disney Princess Logo-2000

The logo is now dominated by the Disney wordmark, while the word “Princess” is very small. The text is placed inside a white ellipse with pink trim.


Disney Princess Logo-2002

The ellipse disappears from the main logo, while the text remains virtually unchanged. Yet, versions with a solid pink ellipse are also used during this period.


Disney Princess Logo-2008

The logo is placed inside a pink ellipse with a gradient and silver trim. The decoration on the top imitates decorations on the crown.


Disney Princess Logo-2009

The design gets a couple of slight, barely noticeable tweaks.


Disney Princess Logo-2011

The brilliant heart on the top grows more prominent. The gradient has been redrawn to make it look glitterier and dimensional.


Disney Princess Logo

The oval on the Disney Princess logo has been replaced by the banner. The heart has grown smaller. The word “Princess” has grown larger than “Disney” and now features a decorative script with plenty of swirls.