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Akatsuki is the name of a fictional organization from the Naruto franchise. According to the plot of the popular Manga, a criminal organization has gathered the main antagonists and the most wanted criminals. Naruto is one of the world’s most famous manga and anime franchises, which saw the light at the end of the 20th century, being published in Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine.

Meaning and history

Akatsuki Logo

The criminal organization from the manga, which tells us a story of the young ninja-boy Naruto, is the main negative power concentration of the franchise. This group existed out of the fictional world of 9 villages, and was “hidden”.

The name of the group is literally translated from Japanese as “Dawn” or “Red Moon”. But its’ founders prefer to call the guild “Dawn of the Red Moon”, which does sound more dramatic and dangerous.

The Akatsuki guild has its history, which started from its founder, Pein, who created the guild with good intentions, but then something went wrong, and Akatsuki turned into a group of people, ready to get what they want by any means. Same with the emblem of the group. At first, it had a completely different meaning.

The visual identity of Akatsuki is based on a dark red cloud, with a bold white outline. No additional lettering is on the badge, but when it comes to the posters or other advertising materials, the Akatsuki name is usually written in bold red lines with a crayon texture, uneven edges, and a very powerful mood.

Initially, the red cloud was used by Akatsuki as a symbol of justice and fairness, but the red badge changed its meaning with the character of its members and their new values. The sign of justice and equality turned into the raining blood, a symbol of violence and danger.